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Okay so after some feedback from my teacher about the website I have been updating it, adding information about analysis of other products, more in depth discussions about what we have done and some extra research into the artist. I've also transferred most of the info from our powerpoint which we did originally for the planning before we decided to make this website for it, so now all our planning is dependent on our Weebly.
We will also be adding a rough cut of the ending of the film.
So on Thursday we all went to the rugby club to use the bar for filming. Thanks to Richard Cebreiro for letting us use it. The filming went well we got there about 11 and and finished up around 4. Was very productive and the footage looks great. Thanks to our extras: JJ, Ben and Ryan also Amy and Beth. 
Today Sean and I went to the Purley John Fisher Rugby football club to do a recce for tomorrows scheduled filming. The bar looks great and seems like a perfect place for the scene. The only problem was on of the shutters on the bar was stuck but hopefully we'll get that sorted for tomorrows filming. 
Hi its Mark, today I have been updating the website with the additions of some of the print work we have done. The Front cover of the digipak is pretty much complete along with the magazine advert. The back cover is almost finish and the inside panels are a work in progress.
In terms of filming we had planned to film today but due problems organising location this has changes to thursday and this will be to film the bar scene in the film. 
Unfortunately, we have been unable to film today due to heavy snow over the weekend. We had originally planned a weekly filming schedule in which we organised the production of different scenes including cast, location and props. However, weather conditions has delayed our plans as we had planned to film an exterior outdoors scene which has been ruined by snow. 
For now, we're getting minor tasks finished in anticipation for our next possibility of filming.